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Cappa Irish Charmer

Kind.  Friendly.  Athletic. 

Charmer is a purebred Irish Draught stallion, standing just under 17 hands tall and weighing in at 1150lbs.  He is color-tested to be Homozygous grey, meaning that ALL this offspring will turn grey.  

Charmer is an inspected and fully approved Irish Draught.  This means that ALL of Charmer's offspring will receive FULL registration/passport as an Irish Draught Sport Horse.  The mare can be any breed or even not have a pedigree.  No inspection of the mare or foal is required to register. 

This wonderful stallion was imported from Ireland as a yearling as his owner's next Grand Prix jumper prospect as well as a potential stud- he is well on his way to the Grand Prix ring and has quickly become a proven and popular stud!  Charmer was inspected and approved as an approved breeding stallion in 2017.  While he is working toward the Grand Prix jumping arena he is also schooling in eventing and dressage, with plans to show in those events soon.  Charmer has many year-end awards by the Kansas Hunter Jumper Association and is currently successfully showing "A" rated Jumpers and Hunters as well as DressageHe is the first, and only, purebred Irish Draught stallion to show in the rated show hunter ring!

Cappa Irish Charmer is also the Irish Draught Horse Society North America's top and only placed performance stallion for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The best trait about Charmer is that he is a kind, athletic and SAFE stallion- and he consistently passes on his incredible temperament and athleticism to his offspring.  He has several young offspring (3-5 year olds) already competing, and winning, in rated shows for both hunters and jumpers, and several more who are schooling for foxhunting, dressage, cross country and trail riding.  Check out his Facebook to read accounts directly from the owners of his progeny.  

-2022 IDHSNA's top (and only) place performance stallion
-2021 IDHSNA's top (and only) placed performance stallion

-2021 IDHSNA Champion Jumper
-2021 IDHSNA Res Champion Hunter
-2021 Five of Charmer's offspring placed in the IDHSNA year end awards across 4
-2020 IDHSNA's top (and only) placed performance stallion
-2020 IDHSNA Res Champion Jumper
-2019 IDHSNA's top (and only) placed performance stallion
-2019 IDHSNA Res Champion Jumper

-2019 KHJA Schooling Jumper of the Year (.90m)
-2018 IDHSNA's top (and only) placed performance stallion
-2018 KHJA Novice Horse of the year (.80m)
-2017 Equifest Irish Draught Breed Ambassador
-2017 IDHSNA approved purebred stallion
-Numerous Championship awards in hunters, jumpers and equitation.  Charmer is working toward the Grand Prix jumping arena while also schooling Dressage and Cross Country for future endeavors to show his versatility.
-2011 Imported from Ireland

-2022 Tally Ho Irish Storm 
(5yo mare): 2021 IDHSNA's Champion Versitility
-2022 Tally Ho Irish Storm 
(5yo mare): 2021 IDHSNA's Champion Jumper
-2022 Two of Charmer's offspring (yearling and 3yo) have qualified for the Young Event Horse Championships- and in their first show!

-2021 Five of Charmer's offspring placed in the IDHSNA year end awards across 4 different categories.
-Tally Ho Irish Moon (4yo mare): 2021 IDHSNA's Champion Versitility and res Champion Jumper
-Tally Ho Irish Storm (3yo mare):  2021 IDHSNA res Champion Versitility
-Tally Ho Irish Pharaoh (6yo gelding):  Showing "A" rated Jumpers (Shown under "The Pharaoh")

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PEDIGREE - CLICK HERE for Cappa Irish Charmer's full pedigree


  -All of Charmer's offspring will turn grey 
  -Cappa Irish Charmer is the only homozygous grey Irish Draught stallion currently available via fresh semen in the USA, and one of very few homozygous grey stallions of ANY breed.

DNA tested:  WFFS N/N (100% negative)
  -Charmer is tested N/N (negative) and SAFE to breed to all Warmblood and warmblood cross mares- as even if the mare is a carrier their foal cannot be affected by WFFS. 

  -It is estimated that 9-11% of the Warmblood population and 2.4% of Thoroughbreds are carriers of WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome).  This disease is deadly when both parents are carriers.  If a mare is a carrier OR has not been tested at all for WFFS it is important to choose a N/N tested stallion.

DNA tested:  6-panel N/N (100% negative)  
  -Including GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MYHM, MH (These are not known diseases of the Irish Draught, but proving he is clear/not a carrier means that Charmer is safe to breed to other breeds of mares that could be carriers but are not tested)
  -Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM1)

  -Type 1 Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy is a glycogen storage disease that results in the accumulation of abnormal complex sugars in muscle cells, which can lead to muscle pain, weakness, and reluctance to move.  (Note:  Irish Draughts are prone to PSSM1 and mare owners should be diligent not using untested/positive stallions)

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